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Success Stories

Alishah’s Journey to Empowerment Through Skill Training

Empowering marginalized communities through skill development is vital for India’s economic advancement and societal progress. Enhancing the capabilities of informal sector workers has become a crucial focus to uplift their living standards.

The Innovation and Skill Training Center (ISTC), an initiative by the Human Welfare Foundation, is dedicated to overcoming the hurdles hindering skill development and fostering micro-enterprise growth among young individuals.

Take Alishah, for instance, a 19-year-old from Delhi. Upon completing her skill development program, she not only boosted her income but also harbored aspirations for a brighter future. Initially motivated by a desire to contribute to her family’s finances post-12th grade, Alishah found guidance through counseling at Jamia Nagar Centre of ISTC, realizing the benefits of skill training. Today, she proudly serves as a Front Desk Receptionist at a leading two-wheeler showroom in Delhi, earning a respectable income to supplement her father’s earnings.

Alishah’s success story isn’t unique. Numerous students who have completed computer courses at ISTC have similarly found placement opportunities, kickstarting their journey towards financial independence and stability.

Success Stories

Success Story of Miss Gulnaz Ansari

ISTC’S ANM Course helps Gulnaz support her family

Miss Gulnaz Ansari an aspiring young girl of 21 years from New Delhi has done her schooling from Jamia Millia Islamia and currently pursuing her B.A through distance mode from JMI University.

She has seven members in her family including her parents, two sisters and three brothers. All her brothers are earning doing odd jobs.

While her parents assured her that she would have their support, regardless of what future endeavor she choses, she decided to pursue college and a career in health care.

“It was really important to me to be able to help people every day. I saw a career in nursing as a way to give equal weight to both.” – Gulnaz

She came to know about Innovation and Skill Training Center ISTC through an NGO and decided to pursue Assistant Nursing Midwifery Certificate course.

After successful completion of her course from the April 2021 batch, she worked as an intern in Sanjivini Hospital for three months.

Today, Gulnaz continues her clinical practice while serving as a Nurse at the Royal Kalindi Hospital earning herself Rs.10000/- per month.

“Looking back on my career, there were many challenges I overcame. I really love science,” she said.

And now with her job she is willing to do B.Sc from Jamia University.

“My student peer group was instrumental in helping me navigate new social norms when I first started the ANM course. Gulnaz said “Working with a faculty mentor, both formally and informally, helped me develop my career goals and identify opportunities for professional success.”

HWF wishes Gulnaz all the best for her bright future.

Success Stories

Success Story of Mrs. Reshma

ANM COURSE helps single mom Reshma overcome life struggles

Mrs. Reshma, a single mother from West Bengal who belongs to a very poor family had to struggle hard, both emotionally and financially. But as someone who doesn’t give up easily, the young girl did not lament the challenges, but rather made them stepping stones.

Being a single mother means balancing parenting, working and household responsibilities.

Penury led Reshma to drop-out from school after her tenth and look for a job. In order to support her family, improve her financial status and standard of living, she came to Delhi and joined the one-year Assistant Nursing Midwifery Certificate course at ISTC.

Her training at the ISTC for the ANM course helped her not only understand the nuances of the skill but also develop her personality. She is grateful to the trainers at Human Welfare Foundation (HWF) for building that confidence and passion in her.

After successful completion of the course, she is now serving as a Nursing Staff in Kauvery Hospital, Hosur, Tamil Nadu with a salary of 30,000 per month.

Mrs. Reshma is a living example of an individual who believes in herself, makes the most of each situation, and remains focused on her goals in life, letting nothing deter her from her path.

Success Stories

Success Story of Miss ATAINA

ISTC Course helps ATAINA support her family

Miss Ataina, a 19-year old belongs to a family of five members staying in Bhalswa Dairy, Resettlement Colony, Delhi, 110042 with her father, mother, and 3 siblings.

Her father lost his job in Covid and her mother works as a supporting staff in Jag Jeevan Hospital. All her siblings are currently studying. Before coming in contact with ISTC, her family was facing a lot of financial hardships as her mother was the sole earning member in the family.

Being the eldest child, Ataina realized the difficult circumstances her family was going through. She couldn’t continue her education after Class 12 because of these financial constraints.

She came to know about our ISTC through a community mobilization drive and decided to pursue an Assistant Nursing Midwifery Certificate course. This was a turning point in her life. After the completion of the course, she was able to land a job at Aisha Nursing Hospital, New Delhi as a Nursing staff. She now contributes to her family income.

She owes her success to the Human Welfare Foundation and ISTC center. She also appreciates the fact that the trainers at ISTC were always available to resolve the problems, she faced during the course. This training has turned around her life completely and she is now looking forward to pursuing her dream of completing her education.

ISTC and Human Welfare Foundation wishes Aataina all the best for her future and further hope to make a difference in the lives of many such people.

Success Stories

Success Story of Miss. Sania

ISTC’s Course changed the life of Sania

Meet Ms. Sania,a former ISTC Student, who worked on Toll-Free Number 1076.(Toll-free Number of Delhi Government dealing with doorstep delivery of 40 Essential Services)

She is from New Delhi, India. Her father is a tailor and because of his health he is unable to do the work and is unemployed and her mother is a housewife. She has three siblings who are currently studying. She comes from a humble background and had to overcome incredible obstacles in order to complete her formal education. She had to face the objections and challenge repressive societal expectations, in order to create an independent identity for herself.

She came to know about our ISTC through a community mobilization drive and decided to pursue a computer course. She persevered, completed her computer course from ISTC, and took a step forward to achieve her goals and ambitions.

After successful completion of the course, she got the job in Delhi Helpline Number 1076 in Noida in which she solves the inquiry through calls and also maintains files on the computer.

She is now earning eleven thousand monthly working 9 hrs and 6 days a week.

She owes her success to the ISTC, an initiative Human Welfare Foundation.