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India is one of the youngest nations in the world with more than 54% of the total population below 25 years of age. In next 20 years, the labour force in India will increase by 32%. Skill development training will improve the employability level and will enable the youth for employment and entrepreneurship. Skill development provides employment and entrepreneurship opportunity for the youth.

It is a fact that a gap exists between the academic curriculum and actual requirement in industry and other sectors. Skill development programs identify the skill requirement, plan and implement required skill development programs. Though self-employment is one of the solutions to address unemployment issues, if the youth are not educated and trained for the skill requirement, they cannot succeed in that.

The objective of Innovation and Skill Training Centre is to help the community for employment and entrepreneurship.

ISTC offers the most sophisticated and comprehensive courses for aspiring young men and women in India.

ISTC offer Skill Development Courses in ANM, Computer Science & Applications, Graphics & Digital Marketing and vocational training in Electrician, Plumbing & Carpenter. ISTC Delhi is the largest Skill Training Center with great infrastructure for the Students with all the latest Tool and Technology.

ISTC is an initiative of Human Welfare Foundation

HWF is one of India’s leading non-governmental organizations constituted under the aegis of Vision 2026, dedicated to carrying out humanitarian and development programs to fight poverty and people’s sufferings by working in partnership with vulnerable communities regardless of faith, caste, gender or political beliefs. Our mission is to help the poor and those in need to live sustainable, self-reliant lives within safe and caring communities. Our work is guided and shaped by the core values of accountability, humanitarianism, neutrality and impartiality, inclusiveness, integrity and co-operation.

The HWF acts as an umbrella body with distinguished and experienced community leaders on its board of trustees. It has over 200 local partners spread over 20 states, implementing more than 5000 projects. The number of beneficiaries so far is well above 10 million.

In 2005, it all started as Vision 2016, a decade-long vision to bring about sustainable change in the socio-economic status of marginalized and deprived communities living in the poorest conditions, mainly in the states of North and North-East India. After a year-long highly consultative process, a flagship project was launched with the objective of closing the gaps between the two apparently distinct versions of India.

Over the last ten years, the focus has been on the North and North-East states of India, where extreme poverty largely resides today. But the goals that we adopted under the Vision 2016 plan are far from accomplished. Even back then it was envisioned that the first ten years program period will be a time slice of a much longer period, needed to accomplish the goals of the program.

Vision 2026
This plan, therefore, continues (Vision 2026) along the path laid out by the first plan but with some important modifications. Based on all that we learned from the former program, we are also modifying our approach by aiming to engage with a wider cross-section of the public so as to build a larger supporter and donor base. And we will also be aiming to build many more partnerships so that we can leverage our work and become more beneficial collectively to achieve the very ambitious goals and targets that we have set out for ourselves for the coming ten years.

Through the Vision 2026 program, we aim to create a just and harmonious society where everybody shares and cares for the poor, unprivileged, and exploited people and make our society a better place to live in.